Back Again! It’s a different world…

Well, that was a long absence. Quite a lot has happened in both my personal and work life, so rambling on here was not something I thought about for a while. However; things have finally settled down again and I am currently awash on the seas of Covid19, furloughed from my job with time on my hands.

Lockdown seemed to last forever. On the plus side I did lots of cycling, bass practice, DIY and home cooking which was all quite a good distraction. I have also not caught the Black Death (yet), so that part of isolation has been successful, I suppose.

More interestingly, I’ve been working on a few more musical gear and electronic projects, so I will probably put a few of them up here and see how it goes. I used to be a professional Electronics Engineer many moons ago, so it has been fun getting the old electronics design chops back up and reminding myself why I liked the profession – before the usual job stuff got in the way.